A Daydream with a Catch

We’ve had the daydream of living abroad with our children for a long time.  The appeal for us was obvious: get rid of all your stuff, live simply, enjoy new places and perspectives, be together and take each day as it comes.  Sounds nice.

In fact, it sounds so nice that we decided to make it a reality and to do it in short order.  After the initial euphoria that comes with such a big decision, we started to read up on and identify steps that need to happen to move our young family abroad.  Very quickly we started to realize just how much work it was going to take to put our life on hold and step into the great unknown.  As a small sample, consider this basic list from the last few months:

  • Research tourist visa for Ecuador
  • Research places to start
  • Research small cities or towns in Ecuador and pick top 3-5
  • Ensure all passports up to date
  • Determine big items to sell (gear, cars, electronics)
  • See what vaccinations we should get
  • Decide first steps and first phase
  • Set up next steps and book travel for Ecu exploration
  • Spanish lessons or courses for all of us
  • Get criminal reports, health certificates and ensure have birth and marriage certificates
  • Look into travel and health insurance
  • Set up seperate bank and CC acounts to provide options
  • Cancel all reoccurring bills, subscriptions
  • Figure out what we’re taking, selling and storing including one of our cars and expensive items like sports equipment, electronics, tools and furniture
  • Bo create plan for transition at work with document outlining suggestions
  • Look into cell phones, internet, banking including atm card cars, credit cards, accountant and taxes including write offs,
  • Set up official will and life insurance
  • Brainstorm on what Jamie and Bo want to focus time on
  • Get suitcases, travel gear, cloths
  • Get all electronics and copy DVDs for boys
  • Tell people at work
  • Tell landlord
  • Tell friends and contacts
  • Tell schools
  • Act on visa process
  • Sell stuff we’re not going to keep
  • Get storage unit and start moving stuff in
  • Set up mail and shipping to be forwarded
  • Research school options
  • Decide on school plans and act on them including meeting with teachers and establishing reentry requirements
  • Have a going away party
  • Ensure have all electronics and non-abroad items, also medical and hardware kit
  • Act on plan for phones, internet, banking, cars, insurance
  • Have plan for boys schooling possibly including home school
  • Provide Dave and Linda acct info and copies of documents
  • Take Lucy to vet and hand off to Dave and Linda
  • Make connections with people who live in places or live abroad
  • Pack up what we’re taking

So one early lesson from all of this: great ideas often come with serious to-do lists!

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6 thoughts on “A Daydream with a Catch

  1. Rosie

    Loving you guys and praying for peace for you as you make your way through your amazing list!

  2. Ted Reeves

    So, what you are really saying is all the strategic planning stuff you have been doing at CBMR has really paid off?!

  3. Cindy Chamberland

    Guess there is no getting away from the lists huh?? 😉
    Loved the pic analogy, just proves a little spontaneity comes with
    a “to do list”!!

  4. Jamie and Bo: I publish the Monitor Magazine in the Montrose, Ouray, Delta area. You might have seen it when we had Dave on the cover. Would you email me at mbenn909@yahoo.com.
    I think our readers would really like to follow your trip. You can see the latest Monitors at themonitormagazine.com
    Thanks, Mavis Bennett

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