Day 1

We’re Here!!!

Hola from Ecuador! I would definitely classify our Day 1 as a true success. To be sure, there has been a good deal of travel exhaustion that required a late morning start and mid-day nap for mommy, a quick jump into foods with familiar names and very unfamiliar tastes, and there is a real learning curve in our future on how to live in a hotel – out of suitcases-in one room- and not go crazy with the mess and space and organization issues. (Although, Bo really did an amazing job of fitting a TON of stuff into a decidedly NOT TON of space.)  All of that for another post however, this is about today as our official Day 1, and as far as Day 1’s go, today was….



Luke, having slept the most on all the plane rides, was up first and eager to check out the new view…

Missing the church completely and single-mindedly riveted on the trees below that make up Iguana Park, we knew where to begin. Iguana Park  is right across from our hotel and was an instant favorite with the boys. It was an amazing amount of iguanas in a beautiful green park, and while we walked along the rain-puddled cobblestones with the boys racing and laughing and chasing I serenely thought, “This is such a good start!” Then I heard a loud splash, like that of taking a several gallon bucket and tossing it on to a car for washing, and, turning to locate the sound, I saw a huge stream of water falling from the back end of an iguana high in the trees above our heads. That’s about when I realized that we weren’t walking along “rain-puddled cobblestones” and laughing hysterically thought, “No, this is a great start!” 😉 It was such a hit with the boys, we actually stopped back by there a couple different times throughout the day. Here are some favorite shots those visits:

After having more fun than makes sense at Iguana Park, we headed down to the Malecon 2000, a gorgeous and expansive boardwalk just 3 blocks from our hotel. We’ll be taking another trip down there tomorrow as there was just more to see than could be done in an afternoon. Being very attuned to our Rocky Mountain temperatures, we quickly melted in the humidity of Guayaquil and so the first stop on the Malecon was for helado:


then found several playgrounds…












And my personal favorite… zipping our children up inside large plastic balls and rolling them out onto the water!





We then had a serious talk about how to cross the street. Crested Butte children are brilliant at a lot of things. This is not one of them.





But probably the best lesson from our Day 1 is this: the world is an unbelievably friendly place when you are traveling with two darling boys wearing capes…




So there you have it! And now I have to include a picture of me as that is how my mother knows I’m okay. 😉

Our DAY 1 is under our belts and already our Day 2 beckons with promises of more iguanas, surprise play stops, and even a possible pirate ship. See you all soon! 🙂


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17 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. This is the right use of internet. As much as I love your postings and pictures–and I know your folks love them a zillion times more– I won’t count on them, as I just know sometimes being the present moment will occupy all your time! Nonetheless I will cherish whatever you allow us to share with you. Best wishes.

  2. katie thompson ferguson

    Hi stambaughs!

    Sounds like you all are having such a blast in ecuador. Latin america is sooooooo much fun and I wish you the best!

    If you need any travel advice for CA let me kow please!

    Is this permanent for the forseable future or long – termish?

    I hope luke and vaughn will pick / become fluent in spanish – its such an asset in our society!

    Have tons of fun and enjoy yourselves and please say “hi” for me!

  3. YaYa

    Love this for you all!

  4. Max just said, ” I want to go to South America and have some Ice Cream!” And then he wanted to know who was the conductor of the the train? Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start!
    Happy Travels!

  5. Kathryn Kissam

    Sending you all love and thoughts of adventure. We are living vicariously through you! Cherish this time. You won’t realize how sacred it is until it has passed.

  6. Grammy (Mary) Swetkoff

    What a great first day…makes me smile! Thanks for the update – hope you feel the hugs!

  7. Michele

    LOL — with the ‘water puddles’ in the park – the water bubbles look like fun too. Let the adventures begin! Have fun and i think I would wear a hat just as a precaution. M

  8. Cricket

    What a lovely gentle start. I loved the pics and agree with your mom that you should always include at least one pic of yourself. I didnt and there are whole years of my kid photos with me nowhere in sight. Love to you all and watch out for the iguana droppings!

  9. Peter Bridges


    I’m sorry I failed to get in touch before you left; I did try.

    Are you on e-mail? If so, please write me at and I’ll send you some information you may or may not have.


  10. Cindy Chamberland

    What a great start. If the room you stay in is a mess, LEAVE! Sounds like you are and having a great time. Priorites seem to be taking over in the right places. Miss you and I smile whenever I see the pics. Thanks for posting them. Mom is not the only one happy to see a pic of you Jaime!

  11. Tricia

    at some point, i know you’ll settle in and put “date night” on the agenda! nice to hear all’s well so far.

  12. Christy Eaton

    Lo que dice, increíble.


  13. Colette

    love the first picture jamie!

  14. Diana Scherr

    Oh YEAH, Stambaughs!!! WHAT a great entry – you make it look so easy – and appealing! And yes, those human hamster balls are about the best thing ever invented, are they not? Keep up the great outlook and continue to ENJOY! Soooo excited for what lays ahead!!! Abrazos – Diana, Mateo y los ninos xx

  15. Frank Chalfont

    BO – What a treat! The blog is simply amazing. If I showed you the travel journal of our year long trek thru Europe, you’d think we were in the stone age!

    Enjoy living out of a suitcase, you may never get to do it again. Enjoy staying in the low rent hotels and and riding second class on the trains and buses – it’s the best way to get to know the culture, meet the locals and eventually be invited into their homes.

    Bo, You are missed in CB – but your adventure and culturally experience out weighs our loss!

    Enjoy your time and please keep sharing your view – because as Leslie says so well – it’s all about your view.

    Frank Chalfont

  16. Maddy

    Haha! I have always wanted to do those ball of air things!!! They look sooo awesome! Glad to hear you guys made it safely that is most important! 🙂

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