Option 2: Quito

Quito is Massive,

and therefore, wasn’t originally on our list. However, to get just about anywhere in Ecuador to anywhere else, you often go through Quito — so we had some time to check it out and there’s a lot more to it than it’s overwhelming size. It has an amazingly well preserved Old Town that is a top Unesco World Heritage site. And around the Old Town area there are lovely little side streets that look a lot like what we pictured living in an “old colonial neighborhood”  for this sabbatical might look like.  Not that we have to match what we saw in our heads before even getting here, but nothing in Ecuador really looks like what we’d pictured, so it’s simply worth noting.

Plus, there are hospitals (I haven’t documented them all on this blog, but suffice it to say — Luke has continued to keep that criteria at the top of the list), every kind of high quality school, parks, playgrounds, museums and all the other Big City perks that are fun for the whole family.


Pros: Great Old Town, Lots to do, Good Schools, Good Hospitals, Likely Easier to find a rental, Main Airport — easy to get to us and for us to travel away

Cons: Seriously overwhelming in size, Crazy Dangerous streets due to unsafe driving and non-pedestrian culture, dangerous after dark, can be dangerous before dark, high crime, outside of old town… not much chance for any kind of peace.

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6 thoughts on “Option 2: Quito

  1. YaYa

    Sounds like a nice place to visit, but……

  2. Clark

    Looks great for a bit to catch your breath, but I’d keep exploring. Speaking of which, how are you getting from one place to another?

  3. Grammy (Mary) Swetkoff

    Agree with your Mom, sounds like the NYC of Equador.

  4. All that talk of danger, and you don’t see fit to mention that big snake wrapped around your kids? 🙂

    • Abby Kunes

      Lots of Spanish language schools there and also inexpensive” one on one” Spanish speaking tutors. Check with Todd about that as he’s been learning Spanish while in Quito. Is that still a priority–to learn Spanish better? Quito is huge and very busy—but you are right that you have access to alot of things there for sure.

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