Time to Vote!

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6 thoughts on “Time to Vote!

  1. Mary Shannon Baim

    From what I’ve read the choice would seem to be obvious. You don’t want to live where it is too hot during the day to go out. But I know there must be far more factors, experiences and considerations than you could possibly write about. It will be interesting to see what you choose.

  2. Sarah Keene

    Im wondering how many of the votes for the mountain town are coming from your friends in a cute little mountain town. The choices seem great.

  3. Michelle Gerard

    Good Luck on your choice! They all seem great in their own ways! I am enjoying seeing all the pictures of the boys on this wonderful adventure! Keep them coming. I am going to show the kids at school some of them so they can see what their buddy Luke has been up too!! Keep having fun and enjoying every minute, I cant believe the adventures you have already had, and with so many more to come!! I am loving every minute of your blogging, thanks for keeping us all here in the cold nice and warm with your wonderful updates!!
    much love from Cb

  4. Meg Christopher

    My vote is still for the Otavalo place. You sounded the most comfortable there, just from the tone of your post. I’d say go visit the Banos place if you need a tourist break. 🙂
    I love reading your posts- it’s fun to hear about the process, and you look as beautiful as ever!
    Miss you!

  5. Paula

    This seems like the best option in my humble opinion – seems like it would be the best place to feel like you are a part of the culture and to learn spanish – and, it is breathtakingly beautiful!!! Quito is too large – definitely the last would not be my choice because of the tourists! Looks like many others share my choice. So, hope you find a charming little place and get settled in – let the living begin…

  6. Michael

    I say move into the jungle and get native. You can live in a town/city anywhere!

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