Escape to Chachimbiro

A little shaken up by some unexpected twists and turns of our newly settled life, we decided to spend our first Saturday getting out to explore the amazing natural beauty that abounds in this area and is largely why we chose here over other spots. Having heard of the volcanic Chachimbiro hot springs about an hour away we headed to the bus station to seek it out. We were spared the bus by Bo talking to a new local acquaintance that told us his friend would drive us, wait all day, and drive us home if we wanted. Plus his friend could take us on the back roads through the countryside instead of the main highway through Ibarra. Perfect!, we thought. And it was. 🙂

Rodrigo came with his wife and children in tow as they decided to do their own family day up there. I felt a little strange having his family ride in the back of the pick-up, so the boys and I switched places with them on the way home – which we loved. Luke in fact declaring that this suddenly became the best day of his life.

Not sure what to expect having been to “The” Baños, we could not have been happier with Chachimbiro. In our opinion, it blows the famous pools at Baños completely away. It was cleaner, more fun, great slides, beautiful grounds, good food, lots of extra activities (zip line, air trolley, horseback rides), and as we were leaving Luke even spotted a man in a booth swinging taffy! So it turns out we are getting a better version of everything we liked about Baños here!

    The lovely grounds and one of the many spots the HOT water come straight out of the mountain.








We could not keep Vaughn off of it!

“Peligro Salida Personas” does not even BEGIN to describe what the exit of the dragon slide is like.

And then this happened…

Ask them to stand all the way under the shower at home and it’s a mutiny…???

Full day, heading home!

What are we doing this weekend?


Apparently, the carnival has come to Cotacachi.

Wish us luck. 😉

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8 thoughts on “Escape to Chachimbiro

  1. The photos are so amazing, Bo and Jamie. We miss you and the boys a lot!! thanks for sharing so much:)

  2. YaYa

    i’m closing my eyes to no seat belts, and just loving the exploration and learning 😉

  3. Brenda

    Ih my goodness!!!! Fun for any boys!!!!! Of girls!!!!! Or families! So happy to see the boys smiles!!! I can feel the joy of your day in their smiles!!!

    • Brenda

      Wow….major big fat fingers typing on an iPhone…..sorry!!! I should know better and proofread my response when typing on my iPhone!!

  4. I had to too! I don’t know if the boys will even remember what a seat belt is when we get back.

  5. Michelle

    that looked like a amazing time!! You wouldn’t have been able to keep me off the dragon slide either!! Super cool!!

  6. Cindy Chamberland

    The biggest challenge in life is accepting the good with bad. You both are an inspiration to persevering through the challenges and enjoying the good along the way. I smile whenever I see everyone’s smiling faces. You all look great!!
    Miss you!

    • Miss you too Cindy! You’d be surprised how often you come up in conversation — in the absolute best way possible. We just think the world of you, and hope you know it. Love you to the moon and back, in fact. 🙂

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