Semana Santa and Giant Smurfs

Years ago Bo and I were lucky enough to be in Granada, Spain on a Good Friday. It was an incredible spectacle for sure, with images that have stuck with us to this day. This year however has been our first experience living in a predominantly Catholic country and taking part in the whole of Semana Santa. Being that this holy week also coincided with the boys’ school vacation (lots of side trips all week), Vaughn’s first lost tooth (our own big event!), and our local town’s artisan expo (HUGE craft fair taking up several whole streets with tents)… the amount of sensory input in each moment was exponentially more than anything we have ever had before.

Sights, sounds, smells, noises, masses of people, colorful processions, loud food vendors, clanging cathedral bells, cloudburst rains, ricocheting thunder, and yes- even giant Smurf (and Barney) mascots selling various plastic toys and cups of bubble solution on the street. All of these things happening right on top of each other, no sequence or delineation between religious and commercial events…a whirlwind of culture served up inside of one special week.

LOTS of photos to share for this one. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Semana Santa and Giant Smurfs

  1. Uncle Bob

    Wow! Looks like a really great time.

    • It was really something to see for sure! I just want you to know I’ve thought about your comments on the other post so many times Uncle Bob, thanks again. 🙂

  2. Makara

    Thank you for sharing all the fabulous photos! We’ll be in Ecuador this fall. Looking forward to seeing these beautiful sites first hand.

  3. YaYa

    beautiful people in a beautiful country

  4. Kathryn Ross


  5. Desse

    All that in one week!!!! As usual….Great pictures…Thanks…Desse

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