1 Gringo + 43 Indigenous in Baños?

“Do you like go a Baños con mi family this night?”
“Si, si! But necesito to check with Jamie before I do no bueno!”

“Honey, is it okay if I go?”
“Claro! Have the best time!”

With this quick Spanglish exchange between our landlord’s son, Giovanni, me and Jamie, I was headed to Baños, Ecuador the next morning at 2 am with 43 indigenous Cotacacheños on a private bus!

While I was clearly the much whiter, taller, stepchild of this group, they were wonderfully kind, welcoming and fun. It was an adventure filled with double takes, new and mostly delicious food and monkeys! Speaking of monkeys, below is my 1 minute documentary I made using iMovie to shine a light on the tough life these monkeys lead:

Here’s a sample of the some of the sights (wish I could add the smells too!):

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9 thoughts on “1 Gringo + 43 Indigenous in Baños?

  1. YaYa


  2. Desse

    I thought I left a comment, but came back and realized I did not submit…But you may get two! Loved the monkey video….Bo…a new career in your future? Videotography….not tea theivery! Loving getting your posts…Always open 1st….Love, Desse

    • Hi Desse! We love knowing that people are checking in on us. It makes the distance between us and our home seem not quiet so far. As for the video, I’ll be happy if it is a new hobby…lots work to make those videos. Best to you! Bo

  3. Paula

    Captions were perfect!!! What fun…

  4. Brenda Metheny

    Oh my that was just the laugh I needed this morning! Hilarious captions to your video!

  5. Thanks Paula and Brenda! It’s pretty tough for monkeys to not be hilarious.

  6. Mihelle

    Umm….the monkey video, is AWESOME!! My little Madalyn has watched it about 20 times now, laughing harder each time!!

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