La Esquina de Juan Montalvo y Pedro Moncayo

This has been our address while we’ve lived here in Cotacachi, Ecuador. It has been easily the most eclectic home we’ve ever had, but it has (mostly) kept the rain off our heads and (mostly) kept the sun off our backs, and it has been ours. It has given us neighbors to smile at and beds to sleep in that are the same every night – and on sunny days we have even had hot showers in the evening. I can find my way around it in the dark with no bruises to show for it come morning. We have enjoyed its bird’s eye view into the neighborhood and the life that is all around us. We can see both the top of the Cathedral and the top of Imbabura Volcano from the windows at either end. It has been hot, cold, loud, beautiful, comforting, safe, funny – home.

It is now pre-dawn and, once again, Bo and I are about to wake up our little boys and ask them to come with us as nomads. God Bless those precious hearts for all their trust in us. Wow do we love them!

There are so many things that were going to go into this goodbye post, but leaving is work, packing more so, and frankly I hate goodbyes and put them off as long as possible. We are grateful. We. Are. So. Grateful.

We are also, once again, without an address.

However, a few bus rides more, some hostels and archeological sites to sample and then landing in Cartagena, Colombia! Which is a fairly good trade we feel.

Vamos a Colombia!

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10 thoughts on “La Esquina de Juan Montalvo y Pedro Moncayo

  1. YaYa

    safe travels dear daughter

  2. Diana Scherr

    Nomad on!! Yet another adventure to add to the bursting book of memories. Endings and beginnings are bittersweet to be sure, but we are so thrilled (and proud!) that you embrace the unknown and dive in anyway. Yahoo!! We were thinking of you this week as we spent the 4th in CB – (such fun!!) xo

  3. Lindsay

    Can’t wait to hear about more adventures! Love you friends. You are so dear to us.

  4. Makara

    Safe journey!

  5. Mickie

    Safe Travels

  6. Art & Juli

    We’re passing through today. Give us a call.

    Expat family,

    Art Juli David and Paul
    09 465 4583

  7. Don and$

    Praying for safety and an opportunity to be a blessing to all you meet.
    You write so well…thank you for your posts.

  8. I’m pretty sure we rang your bell today. After reading the full post dated 7 July, you must be busy packing or gone to Columbia. It would have been fun! Maybe, next time.

    From Cotacachi
    Art Juli David and Paul

    • Art, sorry we missed you. We left on Saturday morning and are in Colombia now. If you haven’t already, you should run by Trebol Bar and Grill to meet David, Wendy and their boys if you haven’t already. Safe travels to you too! Bo

  9. Desse Anthony

    You will be in our prayers until and still after we hear from you again…Love, Desse

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