Happy Birthday to Luke!

Okay, so I’m almost a month behind here, yikes! The learning curve of this traveling phase has been…really something. I’ve started no less than 6 different posts about all that’s happened and the thoughts evoked, but finished none of them because everything is still a jumble of data that Bo and the boys and I are still sorting out. So, to avoid being overwhelmed by all the make-up I have to do on here, I decided to start with an event easy to relate because it was so important to all of us:

Luke turned 5!! Luke turned 5 in Cartagena, Colombia no less. Something we couldn’t have imagined when he was born at Gunnison Valley Hospital all those cinco years ago.  He has grown so much in this time. His imagination has taken off, he is a joy, and jokester, always hungry, growing, bouncy, no-longer-baby BOY.

This year he was given fewer toys then he’s ever received for anything, but he enjoyed them more and was more grateful for them than he’s ever been. Music to our hearts for sure.  All he really asked to do for his birthday was dig. And have everyone dig with him. So, one hot HOT boat ride later we found ourselves on a white sandy beach a bit out from Cartagena called Playa Blanca where we each dug and buried and built things out of sand to his heart’s content. Bliss. 🙂

Topped the day off with a Happy Birthday serenade like no other. The whole boat full of Colombians and folks from all around the world did their best ENGLISH Happy Birthday song — really making one little gringito boy feel so so special. Which he is. 🙂

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One thought on “Happy Birthday to Luke!

  1. YaYa

    A birthday to remember, for sure!

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