Travel Light for Now

We are in Bogota waiting for a redeye to La Paz, Bolivia. Jamie and the boys enjoyed one last morning at the beach while I packed up our things. I thought picking up and zipping up would take all morning, but it only took an hour. We simply don’t have that much stuff anymore.

When we decided to do this sabbatical we did a mega purge. We moved from a four bedroom with a huge family room to four suitcases and a backpack. When we left Cotacachi for this travel phase we moved everything into two suitcases and a backpack. Now that we’ve throughly used our swimming trunks, cheap t-shirts and snorkels we are leaving those, plus a few other things we won’t need in the cold highlands of Bolivia.

It feels good to be so nimble and without much to drag around. Travel is challenging enough without bringing things you might need. It’s just the four of us, some clothes for the next week, stuff to keep our bodies clean, a nice selection of Apple products and a few toys. As we head into South America’s poorest country, I suppose it is good we’ve been practicing living with less. It’s also amazing that our less is more, way more, than most of the people we’ll meet.

I’m looking forward to Bolivia. Most days, I’m also looking forward to our return when our stuff isn’t dictated by what we can fit into the back of a small taxi. When we land stateside in just a few months and pick back up for life as we knew it, we’ll have nearly a clean slate on which to add our new stuff.  As I consider just how few things we have and ponder what we need and what we want, I hope we will be a bit more intentional filling that slate up than we were before.

I’m looking forward to that.

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6 thoughts on “Travel Light for Now

  1. YaYa

    I love you, Bo and that you are part of our family, and thankful for the lessons you and Jamie are sharing with us. Safe travels

  2. clark

    We really enjoy your blogs. Make the most of the last few months! You’ll be back in Colorado before you know it! We had a nice weekend in CB last week.

    • Hi Clark, we’re glad you’re able to see what’s going on. La Paz is intense: beautiful, messy and high (12,000 feet). Enjoy summer in Colorado! Bo

  3. kristine

    Lots of hot springs in the way south around all the volcanos…maybe reconsider the swim trunks ; )

    Have so much fun!!!

  4. Scott Berkson

    Hey Bo- So interesting to read your insight into “stuff” and what you need on a trip like this and what you “might” need…and then realizing what we actually need in our lives here Stateside….So, for a little humor check out this classic standup routing by George Carlin on “Stuff” 🙂

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