City Life in Buenos Aires

We like it here in Buenos Aires.

The city feels one part Europe, one part US and one part something all its own. It seems to be both coming and going; fading into the past and diving into the future. It is super sophisticated and kind of messy. We ride the spray-painted and rickety subway to the children’s museum, grab some awesome Middle Eastern take-out on the way home and when finished we take our trash out and throw it on the corner with recyclables separated so the “waste pickers” can find them faster.

Buenos Aires is a massive city and we ended up in the Palermo Soho neighborhood. There are old sycamore trees lining the streets, cafes on nearly every corner, trendy clothing boutiques and dogs, lots of dogs. Not the wandering, stray ones we’ve seen everywhere else in South America, but the kind with sweaters and color-coordinated leashes. So loved are these pups that people let them poo on the street and then leave it there for everyone to admire. Luckily our boys have been in training and are very skilled at jumping the stink bombs.

The house we’ve rented has an office, a nice courtyard and plenty of space for everyone. The kitchen is fully loaded including a dishwasher. I mention this because we haven’t seen a dishwasher since we left the states. We also haven’t had a bathtub. This place has a huge bathtub, much to Vaughn’s delight. In fact, as we were touring places to rent, his only criteria was if it had a tub. So Vaughn approves of this place too.

It feels nice to be in a home that seems like it could be ours. It’s cool to be surrounded with so much culture and so many options. Great food and drink are good for the body and the soul. It’s not perfect of course, but for us and for now, it seems just about right.

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9 thoughts on “City Life in Buenos Aires

  1. YaYa

    Nice! So appreciate this post and see where you are now! Saw the Emma dog:)

  2. Clark

    Looks great!

  3. Abby Kunes

    Very happy for you! How long do you think you’ll be there? Will the children enter school there? Love to know you are happy and safe! Love ya!

    • Hey Abby!

      It is so fun to feel like we’re back where the world makes a bit more sense. We don’t have plans right now to get the boys in school here, but we’re sorting that and a lot of other things out and will decide soon.

      I imagine that CB is getting beautiful right now. We are heading into spring here, and it’s great, but there’s nothing quite like a Crested Butte fall…

      Thinking of you and sending love! Jamie

      • jamieitaly

        Oh I love all of the captions for the pictures!!!! All of the photos are so wonderful!!!!

  4. Diana Scherr

    Oh YEAH!!!!!! So glad the travel gods are now smiling down upon you. 🙂 You make me want to jump on a plane tomorrow… good steak, delicious pastries, AND a bathtub?! Now THAT’S livin’!!

    • It’s hysterical how giddy we are about that bathtub (okay, and the wine…), the boys have to be pried out of it at night. Usually because I insist that it is my turn.

      We do love it here so far, hope you all get a chance to swing by BA on one of your next adventures as well!

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