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Vamos a Crested Butte!

It’s official. We’re moving back to Crested Butte!


More than any place in the world, Crested Butte is our home. It’s nice knowing a place and knowing the people. We have a lot of memories in Crested Butte and are ready to make some more. Of course CB is a cool little spot with a healthy lifestyle in an amazing setting, but it is the people who are drawing us back.

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We have good friends in Crested Butte, that we’ve missed and are grateful for in a new way. Also, we really like being a part of the community. We’ve spent nearly a year being the outsiders and it will be nice just being one of the natives.

Much of our family is just down road. Yaya and Poppie will surely be up and we can go thaw out in Montrose. Maybe best of all, John David, Jamie’s brother, is at Western State now so we’ll be seeing him and his friends on our couch soon. Curfew is 9 pm…but wait he’s 21! How did that happen?

It will be a good thing to put Vaughn into 1st grade in a great little school where he already has friends and they have all heard about his adventures in South America. Luke has been talking about “Rockin the Whales!”, Whales being the name of his pre-K class, with his buddy also named Luke for months now. Watch out Miss Rebecca!

As Jamie starts to work in teaching and theater again and I move into business consulting, there are a lot of good people connected to Crested Butte so it turns out to be a good move on the career front too.

But let’s face it. The real reason we are moving back to Crested Butte is because Lucy LOVES snow. We’ve missed that dog so much that she gets whatever she wants from now on! So we’re headed back to Crested Butte.

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Jamie’s Happy Place

Truth be told, I am blessed to have a lot of them and from every section of this trip.

But holy cow.

Those of you who know me well will no doubt understand why I titled this post that way when I tell you what I found.

El Ateneo.

El Ateneo is a beautifully renovated and restored early 1900’s theatre that is currently run as a bookstore and cafe.

Theatre AND Bookstore AND Wine – in one gorgeous space!

You can browse selections in the balcony seats, marvel at the artwork covering the ceiling and then have a cortado or copa de vino on the stage while you peruse your latest literary find.

It is beautiful.

I took the boys on an excursion there, and proving my genetic contribution in ways other than their looks, they LOVED it as well. 😉

Check it out:

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What’s New Buenos Aires!

Oh now, you’ve been humming it too, admit it. 😉
For us, everything is new. From the obeyed crosswalks to the phenomenal food to the Big City — it is all new, and almost unrecognizable to the more poor and rural South America we’ve known til now.

And it’s kept us BUSY.  Buenos Aires is full of aventuras and we are loving them all, so many and so fast that I’m way behind filling you all in on them. Something I am going to begin remedying right now!

The Feria de Matadero was a couple weeks ago for us, but still comes up in conversations and memory regularly. It’s fascinating. It happens every Sunday in the plaza of the old meat packing district and is full of Argentinian Goucho culture and food and dance. There were craft booths, sausage and cheese stands, folk dancers, and a MASSIVE grill smoking up some of Argentina’s finest beef.  The highlight for us though were the horsemanship contests with some of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen proudly racing their goucho dressed competitors down a small strip of sand while they try and stab a tiny spear through and even tinier metal clip at top speeds.


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It Is Time

Well, not really. It is ALMOST time. After 27 more days and one more country, THEN it will be time.

Time to come home.

It is hard to believe but it was just last October when Bo and I took a trip to Cuenca, Ecuador that the wheels in our imaginations began to really spin around the dream of pulling a family sabbatical off. And now, this October 6, we will be flying from Montevideo, Uruguay to Denver, Colorado having actually pulled this family sabbatical off!

My, what you can do with a year.

After Uruguay, the hope is to set up house again in Crested Butte, Colorado but we are looking into Denver as well. Bo’s passion for business consulting and my desire to see the inside of a classroom again will play a large role in where we land.  We are both excitedly looking forward to what this next step in exploration will reveal.

There will be posts-a-plenty coming about insights and highs and lows and all that has happened in between, but what we really want to share now is the news that we’ll be spending the holidays with loved ones and hugging all of our friends and family and LUCY soon!

I do have two thoughts for now though, real quick.

This whole sabbatical thing?

It’s fantastic.

And coming home?

It doesn’t feel like an end. It feels like the time for another beginning.

It feels like this,

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