Jamie’s Happy Place

Truth be told, I am blessed to have a lot of them and from every section of this trip.

But holy cow.

Those of you who know me well will no doubt understand why I titled this post that way when I tell you what I found.

El Ateneo.

El Ateneo is a beautifully renovated and restored early 1900’s theatre that is currently run as a bookstore and cafe.

Theatre AND Bookstore AND Wine – in one gorgeous space!

You can browse selections in the balcony seats, marvel at the artwork covering the ceiling and then have a cortado or copa de vino on the stage while you peruse your latest literary find.

It is beautiful.

I took the boys on an excursion there, and proving my genetic contribution in ways other than their looks, they LOVED it as well. πŸ˜‰

Check it out:

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8 thoughts on “Jamie’s Happy Place

  1. YaYa

    my goodness, that place is beautiful—not quite a beautiful as you–but spectacular. I am glad you have purchased your tickets home, or I wonder if you would ever leave that place and come back πŸ™‚

  2. Rosie

    Wow! What an amazing spot! So good to see your sweet face again … you have been most definitely missing … there’s a “Jamie-gap” at each gathering of the B’s … can’t wait to see you in person & hear the overflow of your heart again! R x.

  3. Lindsay

    Jamie my friend, Why do you look exceptionally pretty in these pictures?? Books, Theatre, Wine, etc.? Whatever it is – it suits you well!!!!

  4. Meg

    Wow, that looks like an awesome place! How fun! I’m so glad you found this, especially as a contrast to the ordeals from previously.

  5. Abby Kunes

    Jamie—what an amazing place and it does suit you perfectly. What a great idea on saving a piece of history. You look wonderful—refreshed and relaxed. The boys look happy too. Miss you

  6. Desse Anthony

    Incredible place and it is obvious on your face…You are missed terribly and hopefully will be back in CB before I head South in Oct. We can’t wait!..Love you, Desse

  7. Michelle

    WOW!!!! It looks like heaven there! What an amazing find! So happy you found that and got to share it with the boys!! Miss Michelle is very jealous!

  8. Kathryn Kissam

    That looks like my happy place too! Glad you found it. Tell Bo he is missed and we hope to see you guys in CB soon. Be safe. I have loved the blog.
    The Kissam Family

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