Vamos a Crested Butte!

It’s official. We’re moving back to Crested Butte!


More than any place in the world, Crested Butte is our home. It’s nice knowing a place and knowing the people. We have a lot of memories in Crested Butte and are ready to make some more. Of course CB is a cool little spot with a healthy lifestyle in an amazing setting, but it is the people who are drawing us back.

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We have good friends in Crested Butte, that we’ve missed and are grateful for in a new way. Also, we really like being a part of the community. We’ve spent nearly a year being the outsiders and it will be nice just being one of the natives.

Much of our family is just down road. Yaya and Poppie will surely be up and we can go thaw out in Montrose. Maybe best of all, John David, Jamie’s brother, is at Western State now so we’ll be seeing him and his friends on our couch soon. Curfew is 9 pm…but wait he’s 21! How did that happen?

It will be a good thing to put Vaughn into 1st grade in a great little school where he already has friends and they have all heard about his adventures in South America. Luke has been talking about “Rockin the Whales!”, Whales being the name of his pre-K class, with his buddy also named Luke for months now. Watch out Miss Rebecca!

As Jamie starts to work in teaching and theater again and I move into business consulting, there are a lot of good people connected to Crested Butte so it turns out to be a good move on the career front too.

But let’s face it. The real reason we are moving back to Crested Butte is because Lucy LOVES snow. We’ve missed that dog so much that she gets whatever she wants from now on! So we’re headed back to Crested Butte.

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19 thoughts on “Vamos a Crested Butte!

  1. Kate

    Of course you know I’ll be knocking on your door to work for you again…. 🙂

  2. Clark

    That is awesome!

  3. Frank

    Bo – Pls call or email me when you can. Thanks

  4. Cindy Chamberland

    I cannot wait to hear ALL about your trip and how it has changed your life and your family IN PERSON! These posts have been great but seeing you both will be awesome!!

  5. YaYa


  6. Lindsay

    Could. Not. Be. More. Thrilled.!! Very excited to hug ALL of you again!

  7. Nan buxton

    What good news for crested butte!!! But I will miss your posts

  8. Rosie

    Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo! Can’t wait to see your faces, hear your voices & do life together again!

  9. Desse Anthony

    Pls. get here before Oct. 16th….We have 2 empty guest rooms if you need a place to stay….I know CB will be more convenient, but can’t wait to see you. Love, Desse

  10. Abby Kunes

    Sooooo very excited to have you back home. Can’t wait to see you! Love ya

  11. Wonderful, wonderful news!

  12. Makara

    What a wonderful journey you have had. Your family is amazing. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Many blessings.

  13. Thanks everyone! We’re pretty darn excited and looking forward to see you all soon. I’ve been whistling Rocky Mountain High for a few days now. And on this blog, I’m thinking there are plenty of posts left. The adventure is really just started. Cheers, Bo

  14. Ariel

    That’s awesome!!! Welcome back and hope you had a great time!

  15. Leslie

    Wonderful news!! The super hero vibe in the Whales room will be intense!!! YAY!

  16. Katie

    Glad to have you back in CO. Let me know if there is anything I can help with.
    Katie Latier

  17. kelly

    It will be good knowing you are back in Colorado!!! Like ‘our kiddos to be on ‘home turf’ !! 🙂

  18. KayLynne

    Your sweet family has been dearly missed! We were thrilled for your opportunity for adventure, and your courage to take the wonderful leap outside of comfortable. Now….we are ecstatic to know you are coming home!!!!!!!!…all of you…even Lucy! (She’s probably forgotten that silly OU trick 🙂

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