Day 248

I remember writing our Day 1 Post. I remember the awe and excitement and wonder, and nerves, at all we had just done and all the unknown that was ahead of us to do.  I remember saying that it was great. I remember that it was.

Beginnings get a lot of press. Like the first day of Spring, which we are experiencing in the Southern Hemisphere right now, beginnings are clean and open and green. They smell good. They are unmarred and easily celebrated. As they should be.

Endings though, rarely get the joy of that flip-sided coin. And that is a shame. Endings are beautiful. It is in the beginning that something becomes possible, it is in the ending that something becomes precious.

This was true of leaving Crested Butte last January. I had lunch with friends, took impromptu walks on trails I thought I knew, and initiated longer sidewalk conversations all on a moment’s notice, and devoid of the “busy” excuse I used to wear like a uniform. Anxious to get the time and love in before we left.

This was true of leaving Cotacachi, when suddenly all the oddness and quirks and messes that hours before drove us mad, took a drastic turn towards the endearing.

This was true of leaving Taganga, Buenos Aires, and even our one day in Colonia as well. Each place that we found new and exciting in the beginning really revealing their worth as we prepared our goodbyes.

Of the blogs I’ve read of other families that have done something like this, they unanimously report at the end of it that they wanted more time. It felt too short. They wish it could be longer. They were just getting the hang of things.  All of them say that – whether their stint was 3 months, 6 months, or over a year. Importantly, all of them say that in their last, or next to last, post.  We feel the same way. We want more, now that at the end of things we see without distraction the gift of what we have together.

These are the most fantastic people I hang out with. They are funny and brave. Cute and dashing. Kind and honest. They are my heroes. I knew these things about them before of course, but I know them differently now. I know them in the way I know my own skin or recognize my own voice. And I suspect that while we may feel like we are “just now getting the hang of it”, it would be truer to say that we are just now realizing how much we actually got the hang of  together and are justifiably in awe, with a splash of disbelief.

This has been amazing.

Amazing, Amazing,  Amazing.

Beauty and love and awareness and appreciation don’t always show up at first, but they unfailingly swell at the end. Daring you not to cry at the noticing.

And so through the tears and the reflection I can’t help but grin. I am so happy about this ending. I am so grateful for all the spotlight on the precious. I am so fortunate to have a lifetime experience that is wonderful enough to mourn its passing.

What happens for us after the end? After Day 248?

We wake up tomorrow in Colorado with yet another clean slate and a multitude of spring green options ahead.

We wake up on the next Day 1.  And all the joy and possibility beginnings always have.

So. Grateful.

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20 thoughts on “Day 248

  1. Clark

    So amazing! Can’t wait to you guys!

  2. Rosie

    Beauty … right here … full of beauty. R x.

  3. YaYa

    emotions captured, beautifully written

  4. YaYa

    BTW, love the necklace–Great-Grandma Lois’ which was her mother’s before that, Great, Great-Grandma Emma Tilton

  5. I found your blog too late and I’m sorry we never got a chance to meet while you were in Cotacachi. Your words are divinely inspired AND inspirING. Cheers to new beginnings and beautiful endings.

  6. Elizabeth

    While in the course of my personal research–and my work research–I stumble across blogs on an hourly basis….I have never before even been tempted to subscribe. This is the one blog I’ve ever followed. And read. And re-read. You guys are both beautiful writers with wide-open eyes. I wish you all the best in your lives–you have changed the way I see mine.

    • I can’t tell you what your kind words meant to me as I read them. Thank you Elizabeth. Wishing you all the best in everything you are taking on as well. Many thanks for reading!

  7. Makara

    It’s cold and rainy here, got the wood stove going yesterday. The colors are amazing! Autumn awaits you in “will be sunny soon” Colorado! Safe journey to you! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I leave for my first trip to Ecuador (never been to south america at all) in a few weeks. I have been happy to read of your adventures.
    Many blessings!

  8. Desse Anthony

    Cannot wait to see all of you and hear even more of your experiences even though I have read and re-read each post and have loved traveling with you 4…Know there has been a big purpose for all you in this experience…Interesting to watch how it will all unfold!

    Love ya…Desse

    • Can’t wait to see you either Desse! Thank you for all your love and encouragement throughout this adventure. Hugs and Hugs and More. xoxo

  9. Laurel Horne

    I have loved following your family’s journey ever since finding you when preparing for our own family trip to Ecuador and Colombia. Please don’t stop writing! Your written reflections and beautiful photography are touching and inspiring even to those, like me, who have never met you. Wishing all of you the very best as you return home.

    Laurel in NH

    • Hi Laurel! I am glad we got connected through here, and I hope we keep it up! I do plan to keep writing, a few more along this findingforeign vein and then we’ll see what morphs out of that. Maybe our paths will cross on another trip someday and we can meet in person!

  10. Diana Scherr

    WELCOME HOME!! Thought of you all just this week while marveling at the amazing Colorado colors – and remembering that last year at this time you thoughtfully smuggled down a very piece of that color to us in South America!! Wow – what a difference 365 days makes, huh?! So look forward to more stories of the re-entry! And a reunion, too?!?! Abrazos!!!

    • Thanks so much Diana! It is surreal and completely normal, and then surreal for being completely normal. 🙂 Hope to see you all in person soon! We’re so close, surely we can make that happen! 🙂

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