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“Do you want to lose your power ring until Peru?!”

(I just found this while looking back over the blog, couldn’t believe we hadn’t published it. Good stuff. )

And other things we never thought we’d say (or hear!)…

“Mom, Dad, meet our pigeon friends: Hopper, Tweety and Mike”. –Vaughn and Luke, Ibarra Ecaudor

“Hey Fish! I saw some fish!” — Luke, speaking to “Fish” our snorkel instructor

“I saw two fish! And I named them. One is August and the other is Peanut Ball.” — Luke, Taganga Colombia

“Here we are–fascinated by the Hebrew we heard in the diving boat.” — Bo, Taganga, Colombia

“I’m dizzier than a bug’s brain.” – Vaughn -Taganga, Colombia

“I’m going to open the present. It’s only for kid weddings.” -Luke, La Paz, Bolivia

“Just don’t play with your toys so much you forget to look for poop.” – Jamie, Buenos Aires

“Guess what color my poo is?!? Green. Christmas poo??? That’s the best.” – Luke, after stomach bug #465

“I think think we just bought our children hot chocolate in a hooker pick-up bar.” — Jamie, Buenos Aires

“I can’t believe we pulled this off.” — Bo and Jamie, everyday

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