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And the “What the *$%# did we get ourselves into?!”

Which is a fair question at this point we think. We had so much fun in Guayaquil, and we didn’t expect to because people always say awful things about Guayaquil — wait a minute…

is that the secret? Our expectations sometimes set us up for failure? I don’t know to be honest. But I suspect that’s part of the answer anyway. I read somewhere that the best way to explore a new culture is without any expectations at all because then you can take it all in and enjoy the discovery of something new, as it is.

Hmmm. Maybe something to be working towards for our little clan.

But beyond that, what ARE we doing here? WHY are we doing it? You can’t get into the process of this family sabbatical business and not ask these kinds of questions from time to time. I was, Bo has been too, and we both are knocked breathless with love for the two little souls that willingly (if not always cheerfully) follow where we lead, wherever we lead.

–wait a minute…

That’s it.

The four letter word that describes what we got ourselves into is LOVE.

We are investing in the better “me” and the better “us” we believe is on the other side of this wall. I am doing this because I look around me at the three men in my life and know that I couldn’t love any others more. Know, that if I had the whole world of children and husbands to pick from I’d choose these 3 every time. Know that they are worth this.

Know that they believe I am too.

It is not the heat and the bugs and the financial loss that is defining these first few weeks for us. It is the laughter and the waves and the breeze when it comes that tells us what we are doing is right.

It is not the whining or the crying or the arguing that represents us right now either.

It is the reconciling.

It is the investing.

In love.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day to One and All.

Next stop Quito — where hopefully a new camera can be found.  😉

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Power Issues

“I love you and I know you’re going through a lot of change.  That said, I just want to be clear: I’m not a staff member of yours.”  -Jamie after Bo realizes he doesn’t have anyone to be the boss of because he quit his job.

On Monday, I gave two weeks and told the people closest, who didn’t already know, about our transition. Tuesday and Wednesday, I told friends and many others who my work interacts with on a regular basis. It felt great. We’ve been thinking and planning for a long time and now everyone knows! Without exception, the people we’ve shared our plans with have been supportive and they’ve said they’ll miss us.  At work, they ask what will happen and how will it work without Bo.

By Wednesday afternoon, the plans for finding my replacements at work were in full force. The transitions were announced and I was officially the former boss.  My role was now to advise and not decide.  In a week or so, after the job ends, I won’t even have that role; I won’t be needed like I have been for seven years.  What is it that I do around here?

This is what I wanted.  Minimal commitments.  Ahhh…  But wait, I had have an idea about how things should work and I need to be heard.  So and so could do this better.  This should be done that way.  Why aren’t you listening to me?  At least Jamie and the boys will listen…


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