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Proud Parents

Dear Vaughn and Luke,

You Did It!! We’re curious what you will remember from this time in your lives, curious if you’ll think this stint of school in Ecuador was worth it. As you look back on it, please take into consideration what your dad and I saw…

We saw our two precious boys, who have come along on this adventure without any idea what exactly it was, trust us enough to let us drop you into two different schools where you knew no one, understood nothing, and asked you to go back into that situation every day for months. And you did.  You went to school everyday not knowing what anyone was saying, trying so hard to keep up, to understand, to learn a new language, even just parts of a new language. You both made new friends and defended yourselves against bullies. You got back up and you got back up and you got back up and you got back up – and it worked! It mattered! You play together now in a mix of languages, one of which you didn’t even know existed just a few short months ago. You can’t walk down the streets here without one kid or another calling out your names and asking you to play. People who didn’t know what to make of you at the beginning now like you, love you, and try to seek you out. You’ve grown stronger and smarter, more kind and more brilliant in our eyes every moment of this process and we pray that you’ll come to see yourselves that way as well. We cannot imagine being more proud of any completed school year you will do, thank you for seeing it through to the end and giving it your all the whole time! You are the bravest people we know.

We love you Vaughn and Luke, de todos los tiempos y con todo nuestro corazón.


Mom and Dad


Vaughn’s first moments home from his last day- off went the uniform and on came a big smile and proud thumb’s up!


Vaughn’s first day of summer break, enjoying a neighboring school’s last day parade.


Luke’s Graduation Videos:


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